Summer 2020 Newsletter

Bronze Fennel with honeybees

Crimson Sage Nursery
Summer 2020 Newsletter

Bronze Fennel with honeybees Bronze Fennel with honeybees

Summer is in full force here on the Klamath River with temperatures staying in the triple digits and warm nights that the plants love but the humans not so much!! We find our selves in a very different world from Summer of 2019 in this new reality of life amidst a pandemic. It is a difficult and anxiety-ridden time for so many out there and the future is filled with so much uncertainty on many levels.

The grounding and centering that is felt in the garden seems vitally important for mental health in these crazy and challenging times. The perspective of planting a perennial watching it grow through the season and seeing it come back year after year has a unique and powerful influence on a person, reminding us of our place in the bigger landscape of this world. I think it is incredibly important as a human to get perspective and realize the bigger picture as much as possible.

Spotted Bee Balm Spotted Bee Balm

I recently had the pleasure of viewing the Neowise comet in a very dark sky at the new moon high above our little town with no artificial lighting. Not only was the comet incredibly magical, but there were so many shooting stars and planets and as I sat and star gazed seeing all this unfathomable activity in the night sky, a sense of being such a tiny speck here on this planet within something so enormous was actually quite transformative and comforting on a deep level. So I encourage all of you to seek a sense of perspective any way you can.
Time spent growing healing plants, harvesting your own medicine, being still in your garden or next to your planters on your balcony, and catching a sunset or a moon rise or a spider web glinting in the morning dew are the moments that will bring us a true sense of perspective that’s so crucial right now!!
Chinese Pink Chinese Pink

After such a busy Spring shipping season and even having to close our shop for a bit in order to catch up with all your orders, we are now fully open for business and taking orders for Fall which will start shipping in September. We have added some stock back to the inventory and once again, like the broken record I am every summer, I am fully encouraging and shouting from the rooftops to rally you all to be planting perennials this Fall!!

Narrow Leaf Milkweed Narrow Leaf Milkweed

Planting in Fall, particularly in milder winter areas, allows the plants to root into their new spot all winter and in Spring they will grow almost twice the size of a spring planted perennial!! Not to mention, there is always so much to do in the Spring, so taking advantage to get a head start in Fall establishing some hardy perennials is a great plan!

Anise hyssop with visitor Anise Hyssop with visitor

As suggestions of excellent perennial herbs to Fall plant and to have growing for any kind of flu or virus, I would recommend the following as some of my personal favorites:








California Spikenard

Thank You to all our wonderful customers, your continued support all these years of my humble business has left me truly grateful! Enjoy these pollinator filled days as the bees and wasps and butterflies cruise the Herbal Gardens, and stay healthy and vital and remember to drink your Nettles!! – Tina

We are now taking orders for SPRING 2023
Plants will be shipped from April to June in the order the orders were received and as the plants themselves are ready

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