A Little Bit About Us

Crimson Sage Nursery is a woman-owned business run by me, Maisy Cooper. I have a son and a dog named Huckleberry.


The nursery is located on a bluff above the confluence of Perch Creek and the Klamath River. It is nestled into a permaculture food forest that includes goats, pigs, cats, chickens, and geese along with the veggie patch, raspberries, strawberries, elderberries, figs, apples, peaches, pomegranates, jujubes, to name a just few things growing in the mixed fruit orchard.


Our herb gardens are not formal, they are integrated throughout the land: Ginkgo, roses, hawthorn, and elecampane greet you at the gate. Goji berries climb up the mimosa tree with catnip, lemon balm, lilac, and violets growing underneath. The house is surrounded by rosemary, lavender, jiao gu lan, Salvia Divinorum, Brugmansia, and many logs for fruiting shiitake, oyster, reishi, and many other mushrooms.

Motherwort and wormwood pop up along our paths, and plantain, yarrow, chickory, and red clover grow right in the pathways, naturalizing all over. There is a thriving cactus garden with the most out-of-this-world blossoms in the summer. We are establishing larger herb patches where we grow the herbs needed to propagate the line of products we sell, and we can harvest what we need for our own medicine.


Our buildings are solar-powered and our growing area, including the Greenhouse and Nursery, is irrigated using highly efficient mini-sprinklers, and inline drip emitters which are designed for conserving water supplies. Our water comes from the beautiful Perch Creek drainage, which flows out from the bottom of the land we steward. The Mighty Klamath River provides a constant background babble or roar, depending on the season, as we go about our chores, growing and nurturing children, animals, plants, and ourselves.

I grew up on the East Coast. I learned a love of the land at an early age from my grandmother, Janet, who took me into the woods of Maine. She was an avid mushroom hunter, and gave me all the Euell Gibbons books. My interest in medicinal herbs and organic agriculture was sparked in the 1990s by my desire for clean living and self-sufficiency. I began farming at a homestead in Jamaica, Vermont in 1995 and took the skills I learned there and built on them in North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, and around in my worldly travels before naturalizing in beautiful eastern Humboldt County, California. By good luck and miracle, I became neighbors and friends with the legendary Tina Goat who has mentored me and passed her incredible medicinal plant nursery on to me.


It is an honor to take up the reigns and continue to provide folks all over the nation with organically growing Medicinal Herb Plants for their own gardens and farms. I hope to inspire as many people as possible to grow their own medicines and feel empowered to take care of their own health and their family’s health using remedies from the highest quality plants they have harvested themselves from their own abundant gardens.


I am in service to the plants and the great Mother Earth who is the nurturer of us all. Wishing all of you many bountiful gardening seasons and joy in watching your plants grow!

We are now taking orders for SPRING 2023
Plants will be shipped from April to June in the order the orders were received and as the plants themselves are ready

Thank you for supporting Crimson Sage Nursery!