We ship quality plants during the proper seasons and temperature ranges. Plants are guaranteed to arrive alive and well and to be true to name as labeled. After receiving your order, please inspect all items and notify us immediately if you notice anything wrong with your plants or your order.  

Revitalizing your plants:

Please note that it is normal for some plants to experience stress through shipping and may have crimped, yellowed, or dropped leaves. For dormant plants, a small scratch test revealing a green cambium layer indicates that the plant is alive and well. Be assured that a little tender loving care can go a long way in revitalizing the plant.  

Planting Instructions:

Certain plants can thrive in many different conditions and other plants have more specific lighting, soil, and watering requirements. So, before planting, it’s important to understand your plants needs. Planting instructions may or may not be included with your order. In any case, we highly recommend researching about the needs of each plant to ensure that they get a good start, stay healthy and stay productive. Please contact us if you have questions about planting procedures, timing, soils, etc.; we are here to help!    

Variables beyond our control:

There are many variables that are beyond our control after a plant leaves our nursery including soil, weather, fertility, irrigation, pests, etc which is why we cannot guarantee that the plants we sell will ultimately live, thrive, bear fruit and remain healthy in your climate and growing conditions. And under these circumstances, returns and refunds are not accepted.

We are now taking orders for SPRING 2023
Plants will be shipped from April to June in the order the orders were received and as the plants themselves are ready

Thank you for supporting Crimson Sage Nursery!