Summer 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the Crimson Sage Nursery Newsletter Summer 2017


Summer is in full swing here on the Klamath River. The mountains are still so lush and green from the winter’s rain despite temps in the upper 90s everyday, The Salmon River free and undammed is running quite full still with snowmelt but is plenty warm for swimming, while the vegie garden is supplying us with delicious fresh bounty! Spilanthes, Lavender and Rose petals are drying and a couple of gallons of St. Johnswort oil are turning blood red on the deck. I finally found a moment to plant my deck with some flowers and herbs {of course} and I notice the Cats are sleeping more than ever after mauling the many catnip plants naturalized here in full flower right now! For me these seasonal rituals mark the summer season. Harvesting your own food and medicine is a way of being an active participant in the seasonal cycle!! Rather than just looking at calendars and somehow witnessing the different seasons of the year as a bystander when you take the time to grow your own food and medicine it puts you directly in touch with the seasons as you interact with the ever-changing landscape of your gardens. We as humans are meant to interact with our environments and to really observe and be present in the natural world! I have great respect and gratitude to all of our customers who have chosen to make growing medicinal plants a part of their daily lives and I hope that as you reap your herbal harvest to dry in the shade you also notice the butterflies circling the garden. I hope you remember to bask in the moonlight of the summer’s full moon and take note of the tiny sliver as the moon reappears as new. No matter where you live whether it is a rooftop garden in New York City, some planters on your apartment terrace or the rows of herbs in your production herb garden tending plants and being outside unites all of us as we move with the cycle of the seasons. At this time of the year the nursery is having to be trimmed back as unruly Vervain and Bee Balms send up 2and 3-foot flower stalks, the Wild Yam entangles everything nearby, The Brahmi creeps along right into the turmeric and Ginger plants and the Poke seeds itself into places that defy imagination!! We still have many plants in stock and will make sure they survive the summer heat pruned and fertilized and ready for later summer/Fall shipment. As a special offer to our loyal customers we would like to share the following plants at a discount see below for info!! We hope to entice you all to plan on some fall perennial planting because as you know each year I blather on about how great it is to plant perennials in the Fall, but truly for the west coast especially and California specifically where spring gets hot and dry quickly Fall planting is such a great way to establish new perennial plants. The plants get all winter to establish their root systems without energy going into growth then when Spring comes those plants will grow so well far better than spring planted stock!! We will continue shipping through the summer as heatwaves allow and as things cool will ship into the Fall until Thanksgiving. Wishing all of you many warm moonlit nights watching Daturas and Evening Primrose bloom and many sun filled days watching the butterflies, bees and birds enjoying the summer season along with you!! Thank you all for supporting a small woman-owned business and for being gardeners in this chaotic world on this planet we all love so dearly.


In gratitude to all of our wonderful customers, here is a selection of specially-priced, tantalizing choices for adding useful medicine, beauty, color and pollinators to your herbscape. We are offering these at substantial savings to you.

For more detailed info on each plant follow the links below:

Bergamont (Save $1.00ea)

Brahmi (Save $2.00ea)

Little Leaf Linden (Save $2.55ea)

Spilanthes (Save $1.95ea)

We are now taking orders for SPRING 2023
Plants will be shipped from April to June in the order the orders were received and as the plants themselves are ready

Thank you for supporting Crimson Sage Nursery!