Red Clover


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Originally native to Europe, Western Asia and Northwest Africa, this common plant is also a highly effective medicinal herb which we want to make readily available to flourish in your herb garden. The entire plant is beneficial and is commonly planted as a nitrogen fixing green manure crop, as it enriches your soil for all of your plants and the deep roots are great for breaking up compacted soils. The blossoms are sweet magenta/light pink pom-pom’s, which are quite lovely and much adored by bees of all kinds. The red clover blossoms have been traditionally used for bronchitis, whooping cough, and has long been known as a highly effective blood cleanser for detoxification. Red clover was also historically used as a cancer remedy both topically for tumors and internally and as a primary ingredient in the Hoxsey Formula and the larger version of the Essiac formula. Easy to grow perennial to about 2 feet tall quite drought tolerant once established. Hardy to zone 2.

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