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European Bugleweed, Water Horehound, Ou Di Sun. This species originating from Europe is one of the only plant remedies for an overactive thyroid gland. It acts as an astringent and tends to equalize circulation, thus calming the heart palpitations common to the condition. Gypsywort actually blocks T3 production in the liver and interferes with iodine metabolism as well. Contraindicated for pregnant and nursing women, this herb should only be used under the guidance of an experienced herbalist. A robust plant with unusually textured leaves and square stems and will grow to 4 feet with small flowers blooming along the stem. Prefers a moist, sunny location. Give it plenty of room as it will spread by runners underground and create a large patch over time.Full sun perennial. Hardy to Zone 4.

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full sun to full shade, moist, well-drained soil


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