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Native to Southern Russia and the Mediterranean. The name, Dill, originates from the Norse word “Dilla”, which means to Lull. Dill was very popular with the Greeks and the Romans who burned the seeds and applied them as a poultice to heal wounds. It has been used historically as a carminative for digestive complaints and was often a favored remedy for colic in Babies. The plant is a common sight in the vegetable garden, rows of dill planted near the cucumbers ready for pickling fill the air with their delicious scent on a hot summer evening. Dill also attracts many beneficial insects to the garden and is a primary food for the swallowtail butterfly in its caterpillar form. When dried, the tall dill stalks with their dried seed heads make a lovely addition to flower arrangements. Easy to grow, prefers full sun, moderate watering and rich garden soil. Annual. Not hardy over winter.

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