Himalayan Cloud Sage

This rare beauty of a salvia can withstand serious weather! Large pointed leaves send up tall stems up to 3 feet with signature yellow blooms with veins of maroon/purple.

Transylvanian Sage

Romanian  This Sage is native to Romania and the surrounding area known as Transylvania. It can also be found in North and Central Russia. This beautiful and prolific Sage forms a nice green rosette of leaves the first year and then sends up   3 to 4 foot stalks  blooming with bright blue with large showy […]

Red Sage Gansu strain

Herbaceous perennial sage from China commonly found in the Gansu Province as well as Yunan. This is a beautiful sage with the same medicinal attributes as regular Dan Shen or Red Sage. Gansu Red Sage also has bright, reddish colored roots and blooms to 2 feet with very attractive, bluish purple flowers in spring. Gansu […]

Sage Kashmir

Himalayan Sage. A vigorous sage variety originating from the mountains of Kashmir. Forms a rosette of wide green leaves and 2 foot high flower spikes with pretty whorls of bright blue flowers. Used traditionally as an astringent tea and poultice in Kashmir. Very pretty addition to the sage garden. Tolerant of varying soil tyes, but […]

Sage, Berggarten

A lovely plant with pretty, round, gray/green silvery foliage and a robust low growth habit. It can be used like a garden sage. In the kitchen as a savory seasoning and as a medicinal tea for colds and flu. Very pretty selection. Perennial. Hardy to zone 5.

Sage, Golden

Another color variant of the common garden sage, this golden variegated variety is beautiful planted amongst the purple and tri-colored sages. Can be used for culinary purposes and as a tea, but primarily enjoyed for its unusual, contrasting colored leaves. Lavender/purple blooms. Grows to 2 feet in height. Prefers full sun. Hardy to Zone 5.

Sage, Azure Blue

This hardy sage has the bluest of blue flowers. The grayish/green foliage forms a small mound sending up dense flower spikes as tall as 5 feet. Native to the Central and Southwestern states, it has a strong camphorous smell to the leaves. The plant is drought hardy and tolerant of a variety of soil conditions. […]

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