About Us

A Little Bit About Us Crimson Sage Nursery is a woman-owned business run by me, Maisy Cooper. I have a son and a dog named Huckleberry. The nursery is located on a bluff above the confluence of Perch Creek and the Klamath River. It is nestled into a permaculture food forest that includes goats, pigs, […]

Planting Your Herbscape

By Tina Glaessner, Herbalist and Former Proprietor of Crimson Sage Nursery, Orleans, CA Plants Mentioned in the article are listed here and have links to their Crimson Sage Nursery Pages for more information and ordering. Agastache | Angelicas of all Types | Anise Hyssop | Ashitaba | Bergamont | Bitter Melon | Black Cottonwood | […]

Sweet Violet

Originating from Eurasia, these sweet woodland perennials are a treat to the eye in early spring. The delicate scalloped leaves form a spreading rosette, eventually creating a large mat and the deep purple blooms are a welcome sight in spring. Medicinally, the leaves and flowers can be made into syrup for coughs, congestion and sore […]

Labrador Violet

This lovely, unusual, hardy Violet hailing from the far North was an exciting discovery for us. Beautiful, dark purple/maroon foliage grows quickly and creates a dense mat of striking icy-blue flowers. This Violet originates from Greenland and the Northernmost parts of North America.It’s medicinal and culinary uses are numerous, like other violets!! Extremely Hardy. shade […]

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