Rosemary, Foxtail

An unusual Rosemary cultivar with whorls of leaves surrounding the stems, which resemble a fox’s tail!! Very pretty in hanging baskets and a great choice for a striking container herb or rockery centerpiece. Can reach 3 feet in height. Drought tolerant, sun loving. Perennial. To Zone 8.

Rosemary, Severn Sea

This is a beautiful creeping Rosemary with a broader foliage than normal, for the species. Zone 7.

Rosemary, Tuscan Blue

This plant has short thick leaves of dark shiny green. A very strong columnar growth habit. One of my personal favorites, with vibrant blue flowers. Zone 7.

Rosemary, Gregori

Rosemary “Gregori “. This beautiful and hardy selection has been cultivated for generations by Italian residents of San Francisco. Found thriving on a remote homestead in Northern California where temperatures can dip into the low teens, this fantastic variety has prospered, becoming a large shrub covered with vivid blue flowers in Spring and a rich […]

Rosemary “Baby P. J.”

Compact dwarf variety, well suited for container gardens. Stems are short and tightly packed with leaves. Excellent flavor. I hate to use this term, but it is a very “cute” plant.


Traditional use: It is one of the most fragrant herbs commonly used for headaches, indigestion and to stimulate the nervous system and increase circulation. Rosemary helps improve memory and the strong scent lifts the spirit. It also has been used as an excellent hair rinse or hair oil. For culinary use it is delicious with […]

About Us

A Little Bit About Us Crimson Sage Nursery is a woman-owned business run by me, Maisy Cooper. I have a son and a dog named Huckleberry. The nursery is located on a bluff above the confluence of Perch Creek and the Klamath River. It is nestled into a permaculture food forest that includes goats, pigs, […]

Medicinal Herb Book List

MEDICINAL HERB BOOKS FOR SAGE ADVICE USDA Certified Organically Grown Medicinal Herbs, Certified by CCOF Click on a book’s image to order… Encyclopedia of Herbs and Their Uses By Deni Brown This encyclopedia reviews the history of herbs around the world, including their role in Chinese, Native American, and Ayurvedic medicines. With chapters on garden […]

Planting Your Herbscape

By Tina Glaessner, Herbalist and Former Proprietor of Crimson Sage Nursery, Orleans, CA Plants Mentioned in the article are listed here and have links to their Crimson Sage Nursery Pages for more information and ordering. Agastache | Angelicas of all Types | Anise Hyssop | Ashitaba | Bergamont | Bitter Melon | Black Cottonwood | […]

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