Greek Oregano

Greek Oregano a superior Culinary selection that is very strong flavored for cooking and seasoning your favorite dishes . Oregano is also very antimicrobial and can be used as an oil externally for minor cuts ,bites and infections and internally short term for healing the gut from parasites and yeast overgrowth . Strong and hardy […]

Cuban Oregano

Spanish Thyme, Indian Borage, Mexican Thyme. This fleshy, aromatic, plant originates from south eastern Africa, but has naturalized throughout the tropics. The leaves have a spicy scent similar to Oregano and it has been used traditionally to flavor meats. The spongy leaves have a downy sheen and are highly aromatic if brushed. Medicinally, the leaves […]

Planting Your Herbscape

By Tina Glaessner, Herbalist and Former Proprietor of Crimson Sage Nursery, Orleans, CA Plants Mentioned in the article are listed here and have links to their Crimson Sage Nursery Pages for more information and ordering. Agastache | Angelicas of all Types | Anise Hyssop | Ashitaba | Bergamont | Bitter Melon | Black Cottonwood | […]

Zaatar Origanum

 This Spicy Mid Eastern Oregano is a culinary delite . Native to the Middle East, Syrian Oregano is the major ingredient in the spice blend called Zaatar which

Sweet Marjoram

Originating from North Africa, SE Asia and the Mediterranean, this lovely herb was known to the Greeks as ‰ÛÏJoy Of The Mountain‰Û, representing “Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love”. This highly aromatic, delicate plant looks great in a rock garden or in a container outside the kitchen. Sweet marjoram is a great culinary herb with a […]


Lesser calamint. Famous as a culinary herb in Tuscany, Italy, where it’s unusal minty flavor is a distinctive addition to the regional cuisine. Nepitella is a beautiful ,easy to grow perennial for the herbal border forming a compact mound of shiny , green oregano-like leaves which become covered with lavender blue flowers to a height […]

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