Hops, Willamette

A Fuggle type hybrid with a spicier aroma. This is a good all purpose variety for making British style ales. Disease resistant as well. Full Sun. Perennial. Hardy to zone 3.

Hops, Cascade

Cascade Hops is actually, a fuggle cross bred for beer making with a spicy, pungent aroma. This variety is popular in brewing the lighter lager type beers. Has some resistance to mildew. Full Sun. Perennial. Hardy to zone 3.

Hops ” Brewers Gold”

The female flowers of this fast growing green leaved vine have been used since medieval times for beer making in Europe. It is an important medicinal herb as well, as the flowers having a pronounced calming effect when tinctured or brewed as a tea. An effective remedy for insomnia and nervous tension. It has also […]

Hops, Golden

Golden Hops is a unique Hops variety with a golden hue to the leaves and the Hops themselves. Striking when planted together with blue or purple flowering herbs such as Blue Vervain , Korean Mint or Great Blue Lobelia.The Hops has a high bitter quotient and is very drought tolerant once established. Requires full sun. […]

Planting Your Herbscape

By Tina Glaessner, Herbalist and Former Proprietor of Crimson Sage Nursery, Orleans, CA Plants Mentioned in the article are listed here and have links to their Crimson Sage Nursery Pages for more information and ordering. Agastache | Angelicas of all Types | Anise Hyssop | Ashitaba | Bergamont | Bitter Melon | Black Cottonwood | […]


Costmary, Herbe Sainte Marie, Alecost.Originally from the Caucuses region of the Eastern Mediterranean, Costmary slowly became naturalized throughout southern Europe. Costmary made it’s way into Northern Europe by the Middle Ages as it was commonly found in the gardens of royalty and monasteries alike. By the 16th Century it was one of the most commonly […]


Mugwort has been a highly valued herb since ancient times. Chinese medicine utilizes Mugwort as the main ingredient in Moxa sticks used in moxabustion of acupuncture points. In Europe, it was used to flavor beer before the cultivation of hops. Long used as a nervine tea, it can also help to relax and dry the […]

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