Echinacea Paradoxa

Yellow Coneflower native to the Ozark Mountain area. This plant is relatively rare. A good choice for conservationists who would like to increase the population of this plant. Beautiful in the landscape with reflexed yellow blooms and dark irridescent centers. Not quite as strong medicinally as the other species, but a worthwhile plant to grow […]

Echinacea narrowleaf

This plant is native to the prairie land of the Western US.The most challenging Echinacea to grow in a garden setting, it is a slow growing plant easily prone to crown rot from overwatering but with careful neglect can do quite well. Flowers to 2 feet with sweet flowers with pale pink drooping petals much […]

Echinacea Pallida

This species is native to the central plains states. Lovely rosette of narrow, slightly fuzzy leaves with a 3 foot bloom of pretty pale pink/lavender flowers. Medicinally, the root has much the same immune enhancing activity as the other species, and is relatively easy to grow. Very drought tolerant, likes full sun. Perennial Hardy to […]

Echinacea Purpurea

Purple Coneflower. The pretty green rosette of lance shaped leaves give rise to numerous Rich, magenta, purple daisies with characteristic luminescent centers that appear from July to September. This species is by far the easiest to grow and is very tolerant of varied growing conditions. Echinacea is most popular for increasing bodily resistance to infection […]

Echinacea Tennesseensis

Tennessee Purple Coneflower is limited to a small range in SC and TN. It is now listed as a federally endangered species. For this reason it needs to be cultivated in a garden setting. This species is reasonable to grow as a garden plant and is not as sensitive to watering. Beautiful rich magenta pink […]

Why Certified Organic?

USDA Certified Organically Grown Medicinal Plants, Certified by CCOF What does it mean to be Certified Organic? At Crimson Sage Nursery, we have always used organic methods and strongly believe that it is the best way to insure a sustainable and productive garden and produce healthy, robust nursery stock. Our nursery is inspected each year […]

Planting Your Herbscape

By Tina Glaessner, Herbalist and Former Proprietor of Crimson Sage Nursery, Orleans, CA Plants Mentioned in the article are listed here and have links to their Crimson Sage Nursery Pages for more information and ordering. Agastache | Angelicas of all Types | Anise Hyssop | Ashitaba | Bergamont | Bitter Melon | Black Cottonwood | […]

Summer 2020 Newsletter

Crimson Sage Nursery Summer 2020 Newsletter Bronze Fennel with honeybees Summer is in full force here on the Klamath River with temperatures staying in the triple digits and warm nights that the plants love but the humans not so much!! We find our selves in a very different world from Summer of 2019 in this […]

Winter 2019-2020 Newsletter

Crimson Sage Nursery Newsletter Winter 2019-2020 Planting a Medicinal Garden as an act of Resilience Stinging Nettles Spring is coming quickly and although February can normally feel quite wintery, this year it has been sunny and dry!! This does not bode well for our Mediterranean climate in the far northern corner of California. We need […]


Welcome toCrimson Sage Nursery Our organic medicinal plant nursery is located near Perch Creek and the Klamath River. Our nursery is settled near a permaculture food forest. More About Us Purple Coneflowea(Echinacea purpurea) Each plant supports numerous rich magenta, purple daisies that appear from July to September. Echinacea Increases bodily resistance to infection by strengthening […]

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